Plugin Developer

Plugin Developer

A plugin tailor-built for plugin developers. Manage your plugin portfolio directly from your WordPress admin. Includes integration directly with


Take a look at the plugin screenshots to get a feel for how it works.

Plugin Features Integration

Plugin Developer integrates fully with the Plugins API. That way, you can pull in and store data like download counts, ratings, and more. You can also easily link to pages, such as the support forum or translations section.

Categories & Tags

There are two built-in taxonomies called categories and tags that allow you to group your plugins. It’s also easy to add new taxonomies if you need even more organization.

Author Archives

Each plugin author on your site gets a full plugin-based archive page listing their work. This is great if you run a site with multiple plugin authors.

Template Tags & Shortcodes

Plugin Designer comes fully loaded with an array of template tags, which will allow you to output plugin data however you want on the front end of your site. The plugin is also packaged with a number of shortcodes for outputting plugin data in the editor.