So you’re a WordPress Plugin Developer?

Cool. Me too. That’s why I created the “Plugin Developer” plugin. I needed a way to showcase a portfolio of plugins on my site and an easy way to manage the entire collection. In fact, the page you’re viewing is powered by this plugin.

Purchase – $90.00
Version 1.0.0 · FAQs · Support

Thanks for downloading. Please consider joining the club to support the plugin. We love being able to provide free WordPress plugins, but we must also keep the lights on around here.

Plugin Developer

Plugin Features

Plugin Designer is a project tailor-built for plugin authors by a fellow plugin developer for managing plugin portfolios. Integration

Plugin Developer integrates fully with the Plugins API. That way, you can pull in and store data like download counts, ratings, and more. You can also easily link to pages, such as the support forum or translations section.

Categories & Tags

There are two built-in taxonomies called categories and tags that allow you to group your plugins. It’s also easy to add new taxonomies if you need even more organization.

Author Archives

Each plugin author on your site gets a full plugin-based archive page listing their work. This is great if you run a site with multiple plugin authors.

Template Tags & Shortcodes

Plugin Designer comes fully loaded with an array of template tags, which will allow you to output plugin data however you want on the front end of your site. The plugin is also packaged with a number of shortcodes for outputting plugin data in the editor.


After purchasing the plugin, you can get lifetime access to the plugin’s repository on GitHub. If you prefer Git over ZIP files as many developers do, the option is available to you.


The plugin has a hook for everything and uses OOP principles where possible. It’s easy to extend and build add-on plugins or customizations for your specific needs.


Take a look at the plugin screenshots to get a feel for how it works.


Common questions about the Plugin Developer plugin.

Who can use this plugin?

This plugin was built primarily with WordPress plugin developers in mind. It’s purpose is to allow them to manage plugin collections such as this site’s plugins page or even something as large as the plugin directory. It was built to scale any size site.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No. Updates are provided for the life of the plugin. As long as the plugin is around, you’ll be able to download newer versions without additional costs.

Do you provide support?

Support is provided on a year-to-year basis. When you purchase the plugin, you automatically get a 1-year developer membership to this site. All support requests are handled via the support forum or our Slack channel.

Does this work with [x theme/plugin]?

Plugin Developer was coded using WordPress standards like all my themes and plugins. It should work fine with any plugin that is also coded to standards. With that said, I cannot guarantee that it will work with any third-party code.