Managing your Members has never been so easy.

Whether you're managing a little league site, giving a client access to specific parts of his blog, or running a full-fledged system like a university student portal, Members is the plugin that'll help keep user permissions under control.

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Both users and developers love the Members plugin.

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Profile picture of AndyWarren Andy Warren

Great plugin. Use it on almost every site I build.

Perfect plugin. No issues, and it simply works. Its easy to use as well. I use this plugin on almost every site I build. No reason to have an open admin area for less tech savvy users, always sucks fixing their breaks, but this plugin helps eliminate that possibility.

Profile picture of sabinevi sabinevi

Excellent interface

I tried several plugins of this type to manage roles and capabilities but this one is by far the easiest to use. Thank you so much Justin!

Profile picture of Luke Watts Luke Watts

A must have WordPress admins and developers

Ever since I started using this plugin my life has been easier. When about to hand off a WordPress site to a client the same questions always arise. “Can I get in to change that?” or “Do I have access to that?” which used to be met with “err…not really. Those are the areas only the admin has access to”. Things like the menu, and widgets are always on these lists. So that missing role between editor and admin is where this plugin comes in. Give clients or members more access as they need it or they’re ready for it without having to worry about scaring them with all the settings and theme options they won;t even really need access to. Great plugin!

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