Grid Columns

A [column] shortcode plugin that allows users to easily create columnized content within the WordPress post/page editor (or any shortcode-ready area).

A [column] shortcode for creating columnized content.

This plugin has one function and one function only — to make columns. You use it by inputting content between [column] and [/column] within your post content editor (or anywhere shortcodes are allowed).

This plugin was created to fix the problem in which many theme developers were adding 20+ column shortcodes to their themes for something that should be extremely simple and done with only a single shortcode.

Why the Grid Columns plugin was created

Many theme developers add several column shortcodes to their themes (note: this isn’t allowed on Essentially, the theme developers are doing a few things wrong:

  • They lock users into using their themes forever.
  • They create 20+ shortcodes for what is possible for one. This makes it look like their themes have more “features”.
  • They remove core WordPress filters that other plugins rely on.
  • The code is just poorly developed altogether (most likely because they all copied from the same, bad source).

This plugin allows you to switch between any theme (no lock-in to your current theme). It was also developed with WordPress standards and usability in mind.