Get the Image

A flexible and robust featured image/thumbnail script that uses WordPress coding standards and functions for grabbing images related to the post.

Get the Image is one of the most advanced thumbnail/image scripts ever created for WordPress.

It is used everywhere from small blogs to large, enterprise-level solutions like VIP. Get the Image offers something for everybody. Much of the reason for its success is because it uses standard WordPress code and methods for doing what it needs to do, which is to simply grab images.

The plugin was designed to make the process of adding thumbnail, featured, slider, gallery, and other images to your blog much easier, but it’s so much more than that. It is an image-based representation of your WordPress posts.

This is a highly intuitive script that can grab an image by custom field input, WordPress’ featured image, post attachment, or extracting it from the post’s content. Plus, a lot more!

A little history

The original plugin was in launched 2008, which means it has several years of solid testing and development behind it. It was created at a time when WordPress had very little native media support. At the time, it was mostly used as a “thumbnail” script for magazine-/news-style sites. But, it has grown into a much more flexible script over the years.

Even with WordPress’ more recent advancements in image management, many users still continue using this plugin because it offers a more robust image script than core WordPress.

The plugin has been downloaded 100,000s of times and is used on millions of sites as part of WordPress theme packages.

Other image plugins have come and gone, but Get the Image has stood the test of time with several years of successful installs and happy users.