Show off your projects with Custom Content Portfolio.

Whether you're displaying designs you crafted, photos you snapped, wedding videos you shot, or audio tracks you mixed, Custom Content Portfolio allows you to manage your entire portfolio from the WordPress admin.

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Version 2.1.0 · Documentation · Support

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Custom Content Portfolio

Plugin Features

Custom Content Portfolio allows you to manage your projects like never before!


Create Projects

Create an unlimited number of projects with the familiar WordPress editing screen. The plugin can handle audio, video, image, gallery, or whatever type of projects you want to throw at it.

Categorize & Tag

Projects can be grouped however you prefer with custom categories and tags specifically for the portfolio section of your site.

Customize Details

Each project has extra fields such as URL, Client, Location, and more, allowing you to customize your project’s details.


Take a look at the plugin screenshots to get a feel for how it works.