ButterBean is a neat little post meta box framework built on Backbone.js and Underscore.js for developers. You can run it as a standalone plugin or drop it into your own plugins.


The below screenshots are just some examples of things you can build.

Pretty much everything that Justin makes is of amazing quality. He has mad skillz with producing top quality WordPress plugins IMHO. I have no doubt that [ButterBean] will be an extremely useful addition to the WordPress community.


Some questions and answers you might find useful.

Why did you build this?

ButterBean was originally built as a part of the Custom Content Portfolio plugin. I liked the interface and ported it to a couple of other plugins. It just made sense to separate it into its own project where I could reuse it when I needed.

Another meta box plugin?

Why not? I’m fully aware of existing solutions like CMB2 and ACF. I’m sure those are useful for some folks and will definitely have more features than ButterBean ever will. I just want something simple that I can drop into my own plugins.

Why use Backbone.js?

Mostly, it was a personal experiment in learning a JavaScript framework. Plus, it was already packaged with WordPress, so it made sense to learn it in order to better understand the JS code in core WordPress.

Do I need to know Backbone or Undescore?

No, you don’t need them to use ButterBean. However, you’ll need to know how Underscore templates work if you want to build custom controls. For more advanced, custom JS controls, you’ll want to pick up a little Backbone knowledge.