Hybrid Core is a true development framework. It allows theme developers to create advanced parent themes without having to code much of the complex functionality.

Does this mean it’s hard to use? Not really, at least if you’re familiar with theme development. This is not something I’d recommend for people just stepping into WordPress and probably not for people just learning how to code WordPress themes.

Is Hybrid Core a theme?

No. Absolutely not.

Many people are confused by the terms “framework” and “parent theme” in the WordPress community. This is because the term “framework” has been used to mean “parent theme” in many circles, unfortunately. Hybrid Core is not a theme. It is a framework.

Please note that you cannot install this in your WordPress themes directory and expect it to work.

If you don’t understand the difference between a framework and a parent theme, please read through a blog post I wrote called Frameworks? Parent, child, and grandchild themes?. It explains this issue in complete detail.

What should Hybrid Core be used for?

Hybrid Core should be used when you need to quickly build a new WordPress theme but also need control over the markup, style, and JavaScript.

Hybrid Core is most useful when you plan on building a WordPress theme for public download. It was designed to be a starting point for parent theme developers to have a set of tools to aid in the theme development process. However, it’s also a great way to get started on complex client sites and multi-site setups that need a base theme.

If you just want to work with CSS, I highly recommend creating a child theme or using one of the available themes. You will need to be familiar with PHP, HTML, CSS, and WordPress theme development in general to use the framework.