People often ask how they can donate some gift or cash to me, so I’ve built this dedicated “donations” page. I’m usually not one to ask for donations, but I simply refuse to refuse a gift.

  • Amazon
    I love books, movies, TV shows, working out, and many other things. My Amazon Wish List is full of awesome stuff.
  • PayPal
    Just want to send over a few dollars? You can do that too. I have a PayPal account that you can send cash to.

Other ways you can “donate”

You definitely don’t have to get me something. You can donate your time or skills back to the Theme Hybrid community. Here are some things you can do.

  • Support Forums
    Help out others on the support forums. Some questions can even be answered by the newest WordPress users.
  • Translate
    Know another language? Hop over to the translate section and help out with translations of plugins and themes.
  • Code Snippets
    Submit small code snippets to the snippets database. All members have access to add new snippets.
  • Submit Themes
    Are you a theme author? Consider adding your theme to themes collection and get yourself featured.