The following is a list of frequently-asked questions about the Theme Hybrid site, themes, plugins, and club.

How long does club membership last?

A club membership lasts for one year. At the end of the year, you have the option of of renewing your membership for another year. Memberships do not currently auto-renew. You will not be on a subscription plan.

What are the differences between the Basic, Standard, and Premium memberships?

The purpose of the Basic membership is to provide technical and usage support for users of any of plugins or themes available for free. You gain full access to the support forums with this plan.

The Standard membership option is meant to provide an upgraded support experience. Under this plan, you’ll have support forum access. However, you’ll also receive an invite to our private Slack chatroom, where you can communicate with me or other community members in real time.

The Premium membership option gives you access to everything under the Basic and Standard plans. Along with it, you can download any of the commercially-available (“premium”) plugins and themes without any additional costs.

I signed up for a membership before October 30, 2017. What type of membership do I have now?

You are now covered under the “Standard” membership. Because the new plans are so different from the older plans, everyone was grandfathered into the highest support plan available. You’ll still have all the same access that you had before the change.

What version of WordPress should I use?

All themes and plugins available on Theme Hybrid are tested with the latest version of WordPress. Older versions of WordPress are not supported. All members are expected to keep their WordPress installations updated at all times.

What version of themes/plugins should I use?

All club members are expected to be using the most current version of all themes and plugins on their sites. Older versions of themes and plugins are not supported unless otherwise noted.

What browsers are themes compatible with?

All themes are tested with and designed for the most up-to-date versions of browsers. I cannot guarantee support for old browser versions that are not capable of handling modern features on the Web.

Will themes/plugins work on WordPress.com?

Themes are made to work on the self-hosted version of WordPress, which you can download from WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a site owned and run by the company Automattic. I have no control over what they allow on their site. If you want to use a Theme Hybrid theme/plugin on your WordPress.com blog, you will have to request this from the administrators of that site.