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  1. Hi guys,

    I am wondering if some of you guys use wp.org to host your plugins and themes.

    And if you know how to serve your translation files via wp.org, instead of bundling them into your theme / plugin inside “/lang” folder.



    from time to time, I see notification on my dashboard about updating translations for WooCommerce primarily, and I just click on “Update Translations” and it updates translation files inside “wp-content” directory, instead of asking me to update plugin itself.

    So any person can help me understand this process, so I know how these plugins utilize this feature.

  2. First, I want to say sorry for the late reply. We’ve had a tropical storm down here this week, and my Internet access has been spotty at best.

    I use .ORG to host my translations. There’s really nothing special you have to do as a plugin/theme author. All plugins and themes there are automatically supported. .ORG will scan your project when you update it for text strings. Then, anyone can contribute. There’s a link to the translations on the plugin/theme page in the directory.

  3. No problem, it was not time sensitive anyway.

    Hopefully you are doing fine now.

    Thanks for the info, its helpful.