The accented chars, "àèòù", are not displayed correctly.

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  1. After updating the exhale theme to version 2.2.1 all accented characters,”àèòù”, are not displayed correctly. E.g. “pulizie è ” instead of “pulizie è”.
    The problem seems to be the theme because if I activate the theme “Twenty nineteen” the texts are displayed correctly.
    I thought there was a problem during the upload of files so I installed the theme directly from the server (unzip files on the remote server).
    Maybe some files of the theme don’t have the correct encoding in utf8 but I don’t know which files to modify.
    I downloaded the theme from “my account” page

  2. Justin Tadlock

    Are they appearing correctly for you in the forum post above? They do for me. I’m running the same theme here on this site.

    I also tried on a blog post:

    Characters showing in post

    What language are you running the site under?

    The only other thing I can possibly think of is not having the “libxml” extension for PHP installed on your server, but I believe you should see an error in that case.

  3. Skylark

    Hi Justin

    I’m having the same issue as Halyna. I’m using Exhale 2.2.1 with WordPress 5.3.2 on PHP 7.1.33.

    For example: Using the characters
    in a Post or on a Page, display as
    à èìòù

    However, in a Comment they display correctly

    Using other themes, such as Twenty Twenty, I don’t have that issue. When I used one of your earlier Exhale versions, I didn’t have that issue either.