Single-page theme only updates for logged in members

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  1. On recommendation from the NeonCRM Login plugin, I installed Members on the site with the idea that it would allow us to put some “premium” content behind a NeonCRM login, providing an incentive for people to create an account. Unfortunately, since install, our theme no longer updates for people who are not logged in. This is a huge problem, because the not-logged-in version contains links that don’t work.

    Installation of Members is the only thing that changed between updates work and updates don’t work.

    Unfortunately, it seems that uninstalling the theme didn’t fix the problem. I’d rather not have to take the whole thing down and start fresh. Could I please get some guidance as to what I need to do to either make Members work with my site or delete whatever needs deleting so I only have one version available?

    Thank you.

  2. Justin Tadlock

    Unfortunately, since install, our theme no longer updates for people who are not logged in.

    I don’t understand what you mean by this. Theme updates should only be handled by administrators of the site.

    I think maybe there’s a mixup in terminology. Can you point me to a specific URL or post a screenshot of the issue?

  3. Shawn Stendevad

    You’re right — wrong terminology. My apologies.

    When I, as administrator make changes to the content and layout, even after publishing those changes do not appear to anyone who is not logged in as a subscriber. They are only visible to logged in users. This suggests to me that somehow a “member” and “non-member” version of the pages exists, and only the “member” version is updating.

    The URL is

    As an example, when NOT logged in, I have this menu (an old version which I cannot now change):

    When logged in, I get this one (the correct one):

    I hope that clarifies, and again I’m sorry for the confusion.

  4. Shawn Stendevad

    Okay, never mind. Bluehost’s server caching strikes again. Doh. This is my first client who uses Bluehost, and it didn’t even occur to me. Rookie mistake.

    Have a delightful rest of your weekend, and thanks for the speedy response.