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  1. Hi Brian,

    You can find the support forums here: I don’t handle support via email. However, you can post as many questions as you’d like on the support forums. I’ll keep an eye out for your post(s).

    For the purposes of SEO, I’d recommend the Yoast SEO plugin (

    Justin Tadlock

    NOTE: I have the YOAST SEO too!

    Key words like: Aortic Dissection, aortic-dissection, Aorticdissection, aortic aneurysm, Ascending aorta.


    I noticed that my Google ranking has gone WAY back since moving to your Theme. How do I update the theme to get my page closer to the top of searchings like: Aorticdissection, aortic-dissection, aortic dissection, aorta issues…

    Please let me know where to update this information?

    Brian Tinsley 🙂

    Also.. my DONATE button has a line above it how do I get rid of that extra bit of line?

  2. Justin Tadlock

    Updating the theme to do something differently is going to have little to no impact on your search rankings.

    Ultimately, here are the two most imporant factors:

    1. Content is king. Your site must have well-written content that people find value in.
    2. Links from other sites that rank well.

    There’s a bazillion other micro-optimizations that you can do. Yoast SEO or the All-In-One SEO plugin help with that.

    Even with all that, your site is competing against others who are all wanting the same thing that you want. And, the competition can change daily as new sites are added and old sites are removed.

    There’s a couple of things that you have real control over:

    The first is your own content. Write for humans and not for machines. For example, I just noticed the “AORTIC DISSECTION VIDEOS” widget in your sidebar. Of course they’re “aortic dissection” videos on a Web site about “aortic dissection.” You don’t have to tell me that. That seems like keyword-stuffing, and Google definitely can and will drop your rankings for stuff like that. “Videos” should suffice as the widget title.

    I’m not saying that you should definitely change that title. I’m just saying to think about your readers more than whether a search engine will think something is good.

    The second thing you have control over is sharing your work with others via social media and other related sites in the same field.

  3. Justin Tadlock

    For the line above the donate button, I assume you’re referring to the widget title.

    If so, that’s a part of the widget title design, but we can turn that into a solid block of orange for all widgets.

    In your style.css, add this bit of code to change this for all widget titles:

    .widget-title > .wrap {
        display : block;

    If you just want to change this for the donate widget only, use this code:

    #text_25 .widget-title > .wrap {
        display : block;