SEO: how to include alternative phrases for a word (because searches seem to be using all alternatives)

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  1. Well, that was probably an unclear title, sorry. My case:

    When someone is searching for cooperative apartments in my area, the word ‘cooperative’ is likely to be entered in many alternative ways, ex (Riverdale is the neighborhood):

    Riverdale cooperative
    Riverdale co-operative
    Riverdale co-op
    Riverdale coop

    Searches using the word ‘cooperative’ put our site right at the top, because the site title is XYZ Cooperative Section 1′. However, when other forms of ‘cooperative’ are used, our site drops. Interestingly, a shareholder created a Facebook page which used the term ‘XYZ Co-op’, and this page ranks very well when the search includes ‘co-op’.

    My Qs:
    – What is the current best way to include the alternative spellings into the site so that these alternatives get picked up in a Google (or other) search?

    – I read everywhere that keywords are no longer used; is this correct? Or are page-specific keywords still in use? (if the latter, then I could add them for the Home page)

    – does one simply add the word (‘co-op’), or a relevant phrase (‘XYZ Co-op’)?

    I gather Yoast’s SEO plugin is felt to be among the best, but in articles Yoast is the main voice against keywords – so I am confused re whether that plugin would be appropriate.

    As you can see, these are pretty basic questions, but I don’t have a good starting point – I appreciate thoughts from folks in this Forum. –Bill

  2. If you are referring to ‘meta keywords’, then no, Google stopped using those years ago and I wouldn’t use them. It would be best to use your keyword(s)/keyphrases in your (home) page.

    Personally I would list your element something like ‘Riverdale co-op – Cooperative’ and then use those words in the content as well.

  3. Not sure why the rest of my comment didn’t show up.

    I would use ‘Riverdale co-op | cooperative’ in your element and use those (and other) keywords/phrases in your content.

  4. I would use ‘Riverdale co-op | cooperative’ in your <title> element and use some of those words in your content.

  5. @Mike- Thanks for the reply and suggestions, and will implement them. I like the idea of the <title> containing both cooperative and co-op. I was also looking at a helpful video about Yoast, and some of the useful ideas re getting important words into h1/h2 tags.

    Interesting world, SEO – I don’t want to get overly hung up on it, but some getting some good basic ideas seems a smart thing to do.

  6. agree with @Mike.
    write for man not for spider.
    unless your visitor is Peter Parker. then it’s a bit trickier.

    try to search for “WordPress templates” on google.
    most of the results not even using the word “templates” in their page/content.

    google is good, and getting better at being human.

    what you do might help, but may not (?)

  7. Thanks for the suggestions. David, great phrase ‘write for man not for spider’.

    Good content and common sense seem the best course. –Bill