Redirect loop when using members for private site

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  1. Hi Justin,

    I am having troubles with my private site.

    (I am using members en admin acces)

    Sometimes login goes fine but often it comes in a redirect, url shows:

    Then nothing happens when you type the 100% correct password, just unable to enter the site.

    When I rename members it is offcourse solved, when I delete all browser cookies or change salts in config.php it is solved for gthe moment but it always comes back.

    I need a solid fix please.

    I run the whole site on https, there is no redirect in htaccess, for the dns A records I have 3 record one without www one with and one wildcart*.

    Please help, cheers, Tijmen


  2. Justin Tadlock

    When Members redirects users to the login page with the Private Site option, it specifically checks if the user is logged in using the WordPress is_user_logged_in() function before doing the redirect. It’s literally one line of code and the only way to do this in WordPress.

    It sounds like your issue is possibly a cookie issue, which is outside the scope of the Members plugin itself. That could be coming from a number of places. What you’ll have to do is narrow things down by testing a few things.

    Browser testing:

    Give this a try on another browser. Make sure to clear any cookies you have for the site. If you’re still having trouble:

    Computer testing:

    Give this a try on another computer. If you’re still having trouble:

    Plugin/Theme testing:

    If switching browsers and computers doesn’t fix the issue, you most likely have some code in your theme or a third-party plugin that’s messing this up. I’d recommend deactivating all other plugins besides Members and switching to one of the default Twenty* themes. If that fixes the issue, reactivate them one at a time to find which is the culprit.