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  1. when I grant the role for only read the custom post type, meaning the user cannot add or edit the post, this doesn’t work and even do not show the custom post time on the sidebar menu.

    but when I grant the edit custom post type, its shows and allows the user to add and edit the custom post type

    please advise on this, urgent


  2. Justin Tadlock

    The read_* cap for custom post types deals with whether a user can read private posts if that user is the author of the private post. It’s really poorly named for what it actually does. I’m sure there’s some historical reasons for its name in WordPress.

    It’s not for allowing people to “read” or “see” posts.

  3. Adnan Mohammed

    i set cap for read private post but it didn’t work, it only works when grant click edit post

    i should be able to see the post type when I click to read and read private too, why I must allow the user role to edit as well for them to see the post?

    I already spent days but I don’t find any solution for this

  4. Justin Tadlock

    The read_* capabilities are for the front end of the site and not the admin.

    If you have the read_* capability, you can read private posts that you’ve created on the front end.

    If you have the read_private_* capability, you can read other people’s private posts on the front end.

    To see them in the admin, you need to be able to edit the posts.