Proposal on trac to remove post formats – could this affect Stargazer

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  1. Hey Justin,

    This news story from WP Tavern refers:

    If implemented, would this affect Stargazer and its Post Formats???

    I’m pretty sure all of my Posts in Stargazer are now set to ‘Standard’ format (meaning using the standard native WordPress Post format I think).

    I’m a little gun shy of Post Formats now.

    I got bit when I used’s post formats and then changed themes. I had to ‘undo’ all of my old’s post formats and it was a chore.

    Now I’m very reluctant to use Post Formats again (even though they may look more pretty than the standard format)….


  2. Justin Tadlock

    It won’t change Stargazer in any way.

    Also, feel free to use post formats. Stargazer merely changes the design (as the feature was intended). It’s not like the improper implementation done by some theme companies.

    Despite what some folks say, there are actually pretty clear instructions for what developers should be doing with post formats. With that said, there’s a list of things that core could do to make it a lot better.

  3. David Chandra

    Actually i agree in the argument that post formats is weird.

    It is confusing If we use theme with post formats if we switch to other theme without post formats (or theme with only several post formats).
    Is my blockquote gone, should i switch them to aside, etc..

    In my opinion the only thing wrong with post formats is that its activated by theme support.
    It should be activated by default and all theme should have support for (all of) it.

    Or remove the feature entirely.
    (And exile it to a plugin)

  4. Justin Tadlock

    Post formats were included as a theme design tool. Really. That’s all they are. It’s a method of core WP telling themes, “Hey, this post is just a gallery of images. Do something cool with it.” For example. That’s why it’s only activated by theme support.

    The reason for this is because themes were already doing post formats. Theme authors were telling users to create a “gallery” tag, for example, so that they could do cool stuff with their galleries. That sucked because the next theme author might have wanted you to create a “photo-gallery” tag instead. Post formats standardized that.

    I think the problem is that when we got core implementation for the feature everyone forgot what the feature was all about in the first place.

    With that said, core WP could get some easy wins by taking some of the functions in Hybrid Core (and other projects) for post formats and building on them. This is just like the stuff from 3.6 that was added for galleries. I’m glad they didn’t rip that out with the other post format stuff. It’s really all about building some standard tools for theme authors.

  5. David

    I realize that post formats are not as crucial as some other functionality, but I really like them. When done well, like in Stargazer, it is such a cool feature. When I check out themes I like to see what authors have done with post formats. I look on them as kind of a tell.

    @Justin, would it be possible to create a feature plugin “ImprovedPostFormats” or something to move it forward?

  6. Justin Tadlock

    I’d like to see the UI improved with some standard metadata for theme authors to work with. That’s what should’ve been done to start with. Both of these things have been tackled before, so I’m not sure what I could add that others haven’t.

    The WP 3.6 post formats UI was actually done fairly well, but it got pulled from the release. It solved a lot of problems. That was suppose to continue on as a feature plugin. And, that’s where it really needs to start.

    I don’t think the problems with post formats are all that major though. A few core functions would solve tons of issues, or rather questions, that theme authors have.

    For example, Hybrid Core has a function for quote posts that does this:

    function a_filter_on_quote_posts( $content ) {

    // Check if the post has a


    // If not, wrap the entire post content in

    return $content;

    These are really easy, simple wins that WP could do out of the box. Some of them, like the quote thing, could be done with no change to themes. It can happen behind the scenes.

    It’s possible to throw those into a plugin. I don’t think it’d get much adoption though because some of it requires support from theme authors.

  7. David

    Thanks for the info. It sounds like a lot of people have strong thoughts about this so maybe there were be some movement.