Post Stylesheets – fail

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  1. Hi Justin et. al.!

    Recently re-joined the Support Forums after a couple of flawless years of using my Stargazer child theme created with a lot of your help. Now, have some fun changes planned for 2018.

    I need help now with Post Stylesheets ( .

    I had them working per this discussion: ( .

    I only ever used them on one page and recently noticed they are no longer working – no idea how long ago they stopped. The additional css is not applied to the page I set it up on and the meta box is gone from my edit screen. I do still have the add_theme_support( 'post-stylesheets' ); in my functions.php file and my custom stylesheet is in a “css” directory as you suggested with the proper header.

    Not sure what else to tell you or what code to provide (?).

    NOTE: I did add the WP Add Custom CSS plugin as a temporary fix for now.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Justin Tadlock

    The Post Styles feature was removed from Hybrid Core last year simply due to low usage amongst theme authors (it was built primarily as a developer feature). Stargazer was updated to use that version of Hybrid Core earlier this year.

    There just wasn’t enough interest in the feature to keep it. Given the multiple plugins (like the one you’re using) and low usage numbers, it didn’t make a lot to sense to maintain the feature.

    With all the above said, I’d be happy to see about pulling the old code out if you absolutely want it. Or, perhaps, look into some other solutions.

    If you just have a page or two, it’d be pretty simple to apply a custom stylesheet to it with a few lines of code (not quite as nice-looking as a meta box, but it’ll get the job done).

    Whichever path sounds best to you is good with me.

    Side note: Another thing you might look into is the Gutenberg plugin. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s going to be the new editor for WordPress 5.0 and is currently being developed.

    Pretty much everything I (and most other theme authors) are going to be doing will be centered on that, particularly for per-page designs.

  3. Dan at Porkopolis

    Glad to know the reason and I can’t argue your decision. 😉 I’ll keep using the WP Add Custom CSS plugin as it works well for my simple needs.

    Just good to know the reason the metabox is gone – I was worried something more was amiss somewhere. And yes, I just started playing with the Gutenberg plugin on my localhost test site – always more to learn!

    Thanks for your continued help & support!