Old Hybrid parent theme

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  1. Hi,

    Back in the days, I remember styling one of my first website out of the Hybrid child theme. Back then, this child theme ran on the Hybrid parent theme. I can still find the page for the child theme, and it is still available for download. However, I’m not so sure about the parent theme: the page returns a 404. There’s Hybrid Core and Hybrid Base, but if I understand correctly, neither works as a parent theme. I’m not a developer: all I’m looking for is a parent theme (from Hybrid) that I could use to customize a child theme (also from Hybrid: I’m a very satisfied Hybrid user). Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated.


  2. Philippe

    Great! Glad to see it’s still there. How about the themes on the “Themes” page. Can they work as child theme as well?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it.


  3. Justin Tadlock

    There are no Hybrid child themes currently listed on the Themes page on this site. There are child themes available for other themes though. If you find a theme you like, just click on it. It’ll say on the page whether the theme is a child theme or parent theme.