No hotlinks on Breadcrumb Trail

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  1. I’ve installed the Breadcrumb Trail plugin and have it styled but for some reason the links are not hot.

    <a href="" rel="home">

    That’s what the code looks in html, but hovering over it on the page nothing happens.

    Okay, so I just tried adding some more links on that page and they don’t work either, what the heck? So I tried the page in Opera and the links were dead till I went into “Inspect Element” mode. What kind of voodoo is this? Maybe I’m on the wrong support forum. I should look for a ‘Coding from the X files’ forum.

  2. I wasn’t sure what you were talking about with “hot links”. FWIW, “hot link” has a specific meaning on the Web. It means to link to someone else’s resources from their site to use on your own.

    Now, on to the main question. I’m guessing you mean that the links in the breadcrumb trail don’t work. That seems to be the issue I’m seeing on your site. This looks like something in your theme’s style.css file is messing this up. I haven’t been able to definitively nail it down with Chrome developer tools.

    Can you send me a ZIP copy of your theme via email? Or, send it over via the Theme Hybrid Slack (I’m sending you an invite shortly)? I can take a look over your theme in the morning and should be able to find the issue.

  3. I’ll disable the theme and troubleshoot it from there. If I’m still stumped I’ll take you up on that. Thanks.