Multisite: Custom Roles Names Not Showing on Sub Sites

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been using Members for years and I don’t remember running into this. I’m using it to create 2 custom roles on a 2 sites multisite network (I used multisite for multilingual). I created the roles in the root site and they are showing in the sub site but there, they have no names showing and are uneditable.

    The problem is that other plugins do not see the roles in the sub sites as they have no name (User Meta/Pro in my case). I wanted to avoid creating roles with different names in the sub site.

    Is this a bug or intended behavior? If it’s intended, I really fail to see the logic 🙂

    Anything I can do like a filter or something?


  2. Stéphane Bergeron


    Just tested this 2.0.3-dev version in my sandbox site and it does segregate the roles properly and eliminates the problem I was having. Now roles only appear in sites/sub-sites where they were created.


  3. Justin Tadlock

    Awesome! Thanks. I haven’t had many people test and confirm that it corrected the issue. I’m hoping to push this update out this week if I can.