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  1. Hello. We have all three Members plugins installed on our site (Members, Members – Role Hierarchy, and Members – Role Levels). They have worked well for us, but because of recently discovered needs on our site we are considering moving to a custom profile builder (Cozmoslabs). The new plugin also has a role editor, but as far as we can tell, does not do role hierarchy, levels, or content restriction.

    We have two main questions:
    1. If we do not turn on their role editor, how likely would we be able to still use the three Members plugins without conflict?

    2. If we do uninstall the three Members plugins, how much would we have to “reset” before we remove the plugins? As we are going to a new role editor, can we leave roles and capabilities as they are? Is it really necessary to remove the hierarchy and levels, as we are keeping the custom roles and don’t have plans to change them? And would we need to go into pages and “undo” content restriction since the new plugin does not have that ability (although we will probably get a different plugin to handle that now)?

    We are still pretty new to WordPress and the site is not live yet, so worst case scenario we could rebuild it but we have put a fair bit of work into it and so we are hoping to avoid that if possible. Any advice you can give is appreciated.

    Eric Adkins/Angela Clementi

  2. 1) Assuming the new plugin is built correctly, using WP standards, you should be able to continue using Members and any of its add-ons. Roles and caps are core WP features. Members merely provides an interface instead of having to hand code edits.

    2) You shouldn’t have to reset anything. Any role/cap editor for WP should work using the same, underlying system. Any plugin that does something differently isn’t using the standards. So, switching between plugins should be painless.

    Members’ “content permissions” feature is custom to the Members plugin. If it’s not installed, it simply won’t do anything. So, there’s nothing to undo there.

    The Members – Role Hierarchy plugin is something custom that’s not a standard part of WP though. WP doesn’t have a “hierarchical” roles system out of the box. So, you won’t be able to continue using the hierarchy you’ve set up if/when you switch.

    Are you just thinking of deactivating Members simply because the new plugin has a role editor? If that’s the case, I’d recommend continuing to stick with Members, at least for the role-editing functionality.

    Or, are there some features that you think would work well in Members? I’m certainly open to feedback.

  3. Thank you for the detailed response. Yes, we were only thinking of deactivating Members because the new plugin has a role editor.

    Members actually meets our needs quite well so far. The clear, concise interface for editing the roles, capabilities, levels, and positions makes modifications more efficient and will eventually make it easier to train someone else how to use it. We particularly like how the Edit Capabilities section is tabbed because you can either look at them all together or quickly move to the group you need, and that is really nice when you want to be very careful not to give a role the wrong permission 🙂 .

    Also, content restriction and at least some hierarchy (for the Admin especially) are important to us because we are transiting a somewhat complex Joomla site over to WordPress. Joomla definitely does not have an “all things are equal” philosophy, so your plugins make the transition easier for the parts of our site that we need to keep more restricted. We think your content restriction is pretty straightforward and easy to use, and definitely like that you can use custom messages on each page. We are still early on, of course, but at this time cannot think of any other features to add.

    Thank You
    Angela Clementi/Eric Adkins