Media Library & .ico issue

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  1. Hi Justin,

    I am having issue with Media Library.

    I upload my favicon file in .ico format, but once it uploaded, instead I see it converted to .png

    Is there any setting I can use to disable this behavior? So my original .ico file is kept intact?


  2. I just uploaded a test .ico file on my site. It works fine for me. No conversion.

    Are you referencing a specific image size? Maybe it’s creating .png sizes. But, the original file should definitely be an .ico file.

    Are you on a multisite install? I think there’s a setting for allowed file upload types with it in the network admin.

  3. Sorry for later response.

    I didn’t subscribed to topic 🙁

    Strange, no, I have just uploaded file straight to media library (not via customizer or posts etc).

    And it still converts it to .png

    Nope, no multisite.

    Any debug suggestions for me to find the cause?

    I have tried myself but couldn’t trace the cause initially.

  4. Thanks,

    But issue was not related to above ticket.

    I was testing a favicon file with .ico extension, but actually it was a file of type “png”, that’s why Media Uploader was converting it to proper extension.

    I have tested with actual .ico file, and it was fine (no conversion was taken place).