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  1. Your email address on your account here is bouncing when I send the invite. If you update your email, I can resend.

    Or, send me an email with with another email address of yours.

  2. I don’t remember what I was thinking to use that e-mail, sorry. Now my e-mail has been fixed to [Email Redacted]


  3. Please can I join the slack system. Club Member as of today. Really like StarGazer. Thank You. Just need to know how to remote the “Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open. On every page.

  4. Hi,

    Yes, I want to join the Slack Theme Hybrid team.


  5. Glen, I sent an invite out to you yesterday. I just resent it though. Check your email spam folder if you’re not seeing it in your inbox.

  6. Hey Justin
    Iโ€™d like an invite on Slack if thatโ€™s possible.
  7. Hello,

    Just renewed my membership and would like to join as well.

    Thank you,


  8. Hello! I paid $ 35 for membership. How do I activate the PRO version for a site template or plugin? I don’t understand very well English. In personal account (in the club) I can’t find instructions on how to unlock the demo version.