Join us on Slack

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  1. We just got our own Slack community, which you can read about here:

    Slack is a real-time chat system that’s used for teams to communicate. It’s pretty sweet.

    If you’re a paid club member, let me know if you want to join by posting below or leaving a comment on the announcement post.

  2. marty

    Haven’t totally got the hang of Slack yet but I’m always up for an experiment.

  3. Stephen


    I have just downloaded the members plugin as it was recommended by a site on www.
    I have a number of questions / statements.
    1. I am reasonably computer literate but not a programmer.
    2. I am hungry.
    3. I run a charity and that is where I want to use something like this.
    4. I would like to Import about 1000 records from a mysql data set (csv or xls etc possible) with the users name, email, other contact info.
    4.a. Send each a logon data in two emails. The first to tell them about the system and their user ID the second with a password.
    5. And this is the real point I want the user to be able to click a link in a page on our site called ‘EDIT’ they would then be taken to a logon page, once they have validated their id against that page to be redirected to a page of data that they can then change, but only if they are logged in.

    E.g. please see you will see HEARTS on a UK Map. if you click a HEART it pops up some data about that site. in the popup is an EDIT link. This currently takes the user to a partly prepopulated form entry page. I wish that this can be interupted and the validation process taken before access to the Form.

    I hope this makes sense.
    And I’m still hungry 🙂

  4. Justin Tadlock

    Please open a topic of your own rather than posting replies in unrelated topics. This topic is about joining the Slack channel.

    Basically, the answer to your #4 and #5 questions is that you’ll need to hire a developer to build a custom plugin for you. I’d first search the WordPress plugin repository though to see if there’s anything similar to what you’re looking for.