How to set the template for theme listing?

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  1. Hi Justin,
    How do I set the template for the theme listing?
    Where can I find documentation for the plugin?

  2. Justin Tadlock

    The normal core WordPress template hierarchy will work or whatever your theme uses. However, Theme Designer sets up the following for the template hierarchy:

    For archives:

    • theme-author.php (author archive)
    • theme-subject.php (subject archive)
    • theme-feature.php (feature archive)
    • theme-archive.php (fallback for all archives)
    • theme-designer.php (fallback for everything)

    For single posts:

    • theme-single.php
    • theme-designer.php (fallback for everything)

    Right now, I haven’t completed the development docs for the plugin. Just ask me anything you want to know. Pretty much every theme dev function you’ll need is located in inc/template/ and is documented inline.

  3. SatishGandham

    I’m interested in using plugin developer and toot plugins as well. Any pointers on how to use custom templates for these will be very helpful.

  4. Justin Tadlock

    Plugin developer follows the same format as Theme Designer above. Here’s the name of the templates:

    • plugin-author.php
    • plugin-category.php
    • plugin-tag.php
    • plugin-archive.php (fallback for archives)
    • plugin-single.php
    • plugin-developer.php (fallback for everything)

    Toot is actually different. For archives:

    • archive-testimonial-category.php
    • archive-testimonial.php (fallback for archives)
    • toot.php (fallback for everything)

    For single posts:

    • single-testimonial.php
    • toot.php (fallback for everything)