How to format forum content

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  1. Properly formatting your topic and reply content is important. It’ll make everyone’s experience using the forums much better. I’ll try to keep this guide down to the basics of what you’ll need.


    WordPress embeds work just fine here in the forums. If you want to embed video, image, or any other WP-supported embed, you can do so. This can be particularly useful if you need to share an image.

    You simply need to put the URL of what you want to embed on its own line. Here’s an example of how to write YouTube video embed:

    Writing Markdown

    Formatting your topics and replies is relatively easy. Some basic HTML is supported, such as <a>, <strong>, and <em>. However, we primarily use Markdown as a standard way of composing topic/reply content.

    I won’t cover everything here — just the basics of what most people will need.

    Bold/Strong text

    Use double ** or __ characters to mark some text as bold.


    Italic/Emphasized text

    Use single * or _ characters to italicize text.



    Wrap your link text in square brackets [] and your link URL in parenthesis ().

    [Your Link Text](

    Unordered List

    Use the * or - character at the start of a new line to denote a list item.

    * Item 1
    * Item 2
    * Item 3

    Ordered List

    For ordered lists, type the number, followed by a period, at the start of a new line.

    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
    3. Item 3


    Use the > to create a blockquote of text.

    > This is a blockquote.

    Code Block

    Code blocks should be fenced in with triple ``` or ~~~ characters.

    .example {
        color : #000;

    Inline code

    For inline code, wrap the code with the ` backtick character.

    `<span class="example">`


    Use the # character to create headers. Please at least start with a second-level header (##). The title at the top of the page is the first-level header.

    ## Header 2
    ### Header 3
    #### Header 4