How do I add a missing meta box in Screen Options?

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  1. Hi Justin,

    I’ve tried to look this up and all I can find is how to add a custom meta box. However, I have a Custom Post that I have created and it contains, Categories, Tags, Date and Folder checkboxes on the top level that lists the Titles and other info (not an Editor page) by default. I would like to add Author which is in the regular Posts section. Where can I find the code to add one of the missing Screen Options – not a new one?


  2. Do you mean you have a custom post type in which the author box is not appearing? In that case, you only need to add author to your supports array when registering it like in this example:

    'supports' => array(
    	'author', // need this
  3. Thanks. I’m not sure what ‘title’ does because it doesn’t seem to add anything but the others work in register_post_type.