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  1. Seasons Greetings.
    I’m sorry to bother you at this time of year, but cannot resolve a problem. I built & maintain a site which uses a child theme of Stargazer.

    I have tried to use the new editor several times over the past few months, but it always had a few problems so abandoned it each time I tried it. Now I have to teach others how to maintain & use the site and thought it better to use the new editor.

    I have had this problem on a few sites so thought it a problem with the new editor.

    When creating a new post, adding some content and clicking “Save Draft” the link changes to “Saving” and pulses but never completes. I have found others with the problem at, and the only fix seems to be that there is a conflict with theme or plugin.

    On this site I disabled all plugins except a Maintenance Mode plugin and switched to twenty-sixteen (as it has a similar layout) and the problem goes away. It happens again as soon as enabling Stargazer or the child theme.

    I wondered if you can replicate this?

    On a second site, I have the same problem. It runs on a child theme of twenteen seventeen, but the theme does not cause a conflict.

    When disabling all plugins, the “draft saving ” problem goes away. I re- enabled the plugins one by one. The first to cause the problem is the Classic Editor, so left it not activated. The second is Members. I have tested repeatedly: disabled no problem, enabled the problem returns.

    I left both deactivated, and continued to test the other plugins.

    Two more caused the same problem.

    They come from other developers, so am not asking for assistance with them, rather just mention them for information.

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  2. Justin Tadlock

    I ran Stargazer on my local server and an online test server. I cannot replicate an issue on either. There’d be no reason to think that the default Stargazer theme would conflict with the new editor saving.

    Right now, unfortunately, Gutenberg/WP5 is just really, really rough and is going to take some time to iron out the bugs. Despite tons of developers saying it wasn’t ready, the lead developers pushed it out anyway.

    In the meantime, you can install the Classic Editor or Disable Gutenberg plugin to continue using the old editor: