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  1. Hi Justin,

    Hopefully this isn’t too early to start asking about 3.0 but I’m giving it a try on a new project I’m starting, and running into some initial issues:

    In 2.x I called the main stylesheet this way, which isn’t working in 3.0:

    add_theme_support( 'hybrid-core-styles', array( 'style' ) );

    Theme Layouts

    I’ve added theme layout support as you’ve detailed here:

    The layout metabox appears on a page, but doesn’t contain the layout options.

    I’m wondering if I’ve called the framework incorrectly…

    require_once( $cinchws_dir . 'library/hybrid.php' );
    new Hybrid();
  2. Styles

    This feature has actually been removed. Doing styles that way hasn’t felt right to me since I first added that feature. I want theme devs to use core methods when possible. So, what HC does now is simply register 4 styles that you may or may not use. The following are the handles:

    * hybrid-one-five
    * hybrid-gallery
    * hybrid-parent (parent theme)
    * hybrid-style (child or active theme)

    Since they’re registered, you’d just need to enqueue them like any ol’ style. Here’s an example:

    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_load_styles' );
    function my_load_styles() {
    	if ( is_child_theme() )
    		wp_enqueue_style( 'hybrid-parent' );
    	wp_enqueue_style( 'hybrid-style' );


    Can you post your full code for layouts? The new layouts system is still under development, but it should work.

    Also, note some of the code changed. Check this comment:

  3. Thanks for the clarification on the styles. Makes sense.

    Here’s my code for the theme layouts:

    function cinchws_theme_setup() {
    // Layout Support
    	add_theme_support( 'theme-layouts', array( 'default' => '1c' ) );
    	add_action( 'hybrid_register_layouts', 'cinchws_register_layouts' );
    // ...
     * Registers custom theme layouts
     * @since  1.0.0
    function cinchws_register_layouts() {
                'label'            => _x( '1 Column', 'theme layout', 'cinchws' ),
                'is_global_layout' => true,
                'is_post_layout'   => true,
                'image'            => '', // Image URL. Doesn't do anything yet.
                'label'            => _x( '2 Columns: Sidebar / Content', 'theme layout', 'cinchws' ),
                'is_global_layout' => true,
                'is_post_layout'   => true,
                'image'            => '', // Image URL. Doesn't do anything yet.
                'label'            => _x( '2 Columns Wide', 'theme layout', 'cinchws' ),
                'is_global_layout' => true,
                'is_post_layout'   => true,
                'image'            => '', // Image URL. Doesn't do anything yet.
  4. Here’s the registration code I’ve been testing with too:

    add_action( 'hybrid_register_layouts', 'saga_register_layouts' );
    function saga_register_layouts() {
    	hybrid_get_layout( 'default' )->image = '%s/images/layouts/default.png';
    	hybrid_register_layout( '1c',        array( 'label' => __( '1 Column Wide',                'saga' ), 'image' => '%s/images/layouts/1c.png' ) );
    	hybrid_register_layout( '1c-narrow', array( 'label' => __( '1 Column Narrow',              'saga' ), 'image' => '%s/images/layouts/1c-narrow.png' ) );
    	hybrid_register_layout( '2c-l',      array( 'label' => __( '2 Columns: Content / Sidebar', 'saga' ), 'image' => '%s/images/layouts/2c-l.png' ) );
    	hybrid_register_layout( '2c-r',      array( 'label' => __( '2 Columns: Sidebar / Content', 'saga' ), 'image' => '%s/images/layouts/2c-r.png' ) );
  5. Sorry to bump an old thread. Are there currently any themes that use HC3? I come from Thesis and then Genesis background and have managed to pass a theme to way back. But I need something to get started.

    I started building on top of Hybrid Base, but it doesn’t like HC3 I think.

  6. 1.0.0 should be changed to whatever version you want. It’s at 1.0.0 because it’s a starter theme. HB assumes that you will be building a custom theme from scratch.

  7. @Justin- A thought about the HB version number. I think it would be helpful to have some kind of designation in the version number to reflect it is now for HC3, just to avoid any confusion. Perhaps: v1.0.0-HC3 ? Just a thought. And thanks for the quick updating of HB. –Bill

  8. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about how to tag the releases if I decide to have releases at all. Using the HC version makes sense in some ways.