Featured Image Sizes

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  1. My site atmac.org has been running off a child theme of 2014 so far, so every post and page has a featured image set that’s 672px x 372px in size (though most are actually double that – 1344×744 – at full resolution).

    Is there any easy way to check for Hybrid themes which could use featured images that are this size, or are at least of a similar enough ratio that I could use the same images without extensive customisation?

    This is my biggest barrier to changing themes – I love having the featured images and the idea of manually redoing images for every post is overwhelming and not going to happen.

  2. Justin Tadlock

    There’s no way to find individual themes that will fit this criteria. I know that Stargazer will work great with that image size.

    Most themes will utilize custom sizes though. The best thing to do is install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, which will regenerate the thumbnail sizes for your currently active theme: https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/