Exhale Theme Beta Testing

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  1. I’ll be launching the first beta release of Exhale tomorrow (or Tuesday, at the latest).

    What is Exhale?

    It’s a Gutenberg-ready (WP 5.0+ editor) theme that focuses entirely on allowing you to design your content your way. It’ll work with the Classic editor too if that’s your thing.

    Mostly, it’s a culmination of everything I’ve learned since building themes for WordPress and what I think most people will need for running a Web site in the coming years with mobile usage becoming the standard by which the majority of people interact with the Web.

    Everything I’ve done with this theme is about making your Web site fast and keeping your content at the forefront of everything.

    I don’t see this as just another theme. I see this as the future of Theme Hybrid. It will be my flagship product.

    How to test the beta

    I’m going to add it as a download to all Premium members plans, so you should be able to swipe a copy from your account page.

    I’ll also be posting a ZIP download link in the Slack chatroom if you want to grab it there.

    Long time, no themes

    This is my first real theme in the past couple of years. But, I’ve done a lot of the foundational work in that time.

    Last year, I launched version 5.0 of the Hybrid Core framework, which is the foundational layer of this theme. I also launched the Mythic starter theme, which is sort of a build process and new way of thinking about building themes.

    Most of this work was done in 2018, but many of the ideas were being worked on before that.