Email delivery method ?

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  1. Hi,

    I would really appreciate your view on choosing email delivery method.

    For what I understand, using the Native WordPress wp_mail is not recommended
    So now I´m choosing between a API service like Mailgun vs a SMTP plugin like Postman SMTP.

    I have actually setup both of these to testdrive and they both seem to work really well.

    Postman SMTP is a lot quicker to setup than Mailgun which require domain verification with DNS + subdomain changes.

    The site I´m currently building has app. 100 WordPress users (not expected to grow very much) so there will be the usual “lost passwords” -emails,
    but we also have “Better Notifications” installed for notifying all users when there is a new post available (app. 2-3 times/week).
    + contact form on frontend that sporadically receives messages 1-5 /week.

    Using Gmail is not an option, the client is already paying an external emailprovider for access to SMTP account.

    Seems to me like Postman SMTP has everything we need and there is even a log included with the plugin.
    Is there any reason for us choosing Mailgun considering the relatively low volume of emails?
    Is it considered better security going with an API?
    Is it OK routine asking our client for one of their email accounts username and password to enter into the SMTP plugin?

    Also, how do I upgrade from “standard” to “developer” here at Members…simply sign up for a new account?


  2. Hello,

    I use Mailgun which works pretty find. The email delivery using Mailgun is not as fast as Amazon SES. But Mailgun is pretty easy to configure and I am sure it would for you as well.

    I think email delivery of Email services will be better than your own SMTP server. And I would recommend that.

    Wait for @Justin’s reply if he could share his opinion and about membership issue.

  3. I use wp_mail() for basic stuff like lost passwords, etc. I’ve never needed anything more advanced, so I’ve never tried out any other options.

    If you’re working with a client who already has an SMTP account they’re paying for, definitely use that. That makes sense.


    As for upgrading your account, just wait until your renewal date is ready. Then, order the developer package. No need to upgrade at this point.

  4. Thank you Justin and Anand,

    I ended up using an SMTP -plugin for the clients SMTP account.
    I tried most of the transactional email delivery providers but for this case SMTP plugin seemed most logical.