Custom Tax Archive page from menus?

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  1. Is there anyway to add a link to a custom tax archive page that lists all the categories for that particular custom tax?

    A little like the CPT archive page, that you get to by clicking the ‘view all’ and thats the first on the list.

    So for example i create a custom tax called product-category and add some categories within there and subsequently posts attached to that.

    If i turn on the product-category checkbox in the menus it just shows all the categories within, is there anyway to show the ‘view all’ button as per the CPT archive page. So essential the custom taxonomy ‘home page’ that just lists all the categories within and links to their subsequent home pages/posts.

    I thought it would be there like the CPT one, but a bit annoying if i have to hard code the link into the menus or just a custom link.

  2. It’s possible; just not easy.

    Essentially, you’d need to create custom rewrite rules for each of your taxonomies. Then, you’d need to overwrite the template hierarchy to load a custom template. Then, that template would need to list the terms. Then, I hope you don’t have to do anything more complex like pagination.

    Maybe that’ll give you a jumping off point though. 🙂