Custom Post Types – should I or shouldn't I

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  1. Currently I am using the Stargazer theme which includes custom post types for audio, video, quote, aside, etc. etc.

    I do not use these CPTs choosing only the Standard post type.

    A long time ago I used a theme that used custom post types and, when I changed themes, I had to basically visit every post and update it.

    My question is if I implement the Stargazer Custom Post Types would these posts transition correctly to Extant or even to other themes that use custom post types?

    I am considering implementing Custom Post Types in Stargazer but want to ensure I am not locking myself into this theme if I do so.

    Thank you very much!


  2. Justin Tadlock

    These are not CPTs. They are post formats, which are built into WordPress core. It’s nothing more than a taxonomy such as categories and tags.

    Some themes support post formats and some don’t, which is why you only see the meta box with some themes. None of your data will be lost when switching to a theme that doesn’t support them.

    Post formats are not about data though. They’re about design. The feature is a way to let themes know that you want to give a post a specific design. For example, one theme’s design of the “video” post format could be completely different from another theme’s design.

    There’s no data lock-in with post formats.

    With that said, be cautious of themes that have special fields for different post formats though. They do lock you in. None of my themes do this and it’s not allowed on either (though a few have slipped through the review process). You’re more likely to find this issue with commercially-sold themes.

  3. Marcus Tibesar

    So these Post formats will “migrate” to the new Extant theme then.

    That’s good news.

    Thank you Justin.

  4. Justin Tadlock

    Yep, they will migrate.

    The only thing different will be how they look on the front end. Though, Extant doesn’t do quite as much with the design as Stargazer, at least not on the home/blog and archive-type pages.

    Also, I meant to link to this earlier to give you more info on post formats:

  5. Marcus Tibesar

    I noticed some of the home page featured images do not appear in the Customer preview of Extant. So I changed to the 3 column view which improved things (more featured images appeared than before) however didn’t eliminate the problem entirely.

    I’ll see if there is something common amongst those not appearing (perhaps I’m missing some featured images, etc.)

    I am just not ready to convert from Stargazer to Extant though since I’m pretty pressed for time until next week.

    Thanks for the Codex link Justin!

  6. Marcus Tibesar

    Ha! I seem to install regenerate thumbnails plugin on most of my websites these days.

    Thank you for the resolution. I’ll need this next week!