Custom capability to manage cap without some cap group

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking a solution to remove from the members permission list, the user tab and realtive capabilities, on a specific roles.

    The role that I want made, it’s a mini-administrator that can make all but not edit the capabilities of group “User”.

    Can anyone help me?

    Screenshot explain:

    Thank you

  2. Justin Tadlock

    Are you saying that you want to give a role the ability to create and edit other roles but not assign user-related capabilities?

    If so, it’s pretty much impossible to 100% lock that down. The best thing to do is not give them any of the following capabilities:

    • create_roles
    • delete_roles
    • edit_roles

    If you can’t trust a user to edit users, you should absolutely not be trusting them to create/delete/edit roles. There’s too much power in those caps that they could completely shut down your site.