Content permissions limited even after clearing "limit access"

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  1. Today I unlocked a members-only Page for general release by clearing its “limit access” checkboxes only to discover that the content permissions will not un-limit so that it is visible to all visitors.

    Before you read further, first I just want a simple answer: What can I manually change in my WPDB to make it FORGET a post EVER had Members-related content permissions? I am extremely comfortable in SQL, I just don’t know where Members is making changes.

    In the longer term I want to work through my plugin conflicts, but it is critical to the operation/profit of my site that I can make these pages available as soon as possible!

    This is definitely a plugin conflict and/or a conflict with Genesis framework with Foodie. However, posts don’t necessarily become available when I turn off all plugins or if I just turn off Members! The only reliable fix I’ve found is turning off all plugins, turning on Purge Varnish, and purging.

    I happen to be reliant on too many plugins for the moment like Darth Vader needs his suit to walk and breathe. I’m working on decreasing them, but turning them all off for a long period of time is site-breaking for me. That’s why I’m happy to make a manual DB change to alleviate this for now.

    Once that is taken care of, I’d love to trouble-shoot my plugins to find the offending combination.

    (One critical note: I have Revisions permanently disabled in WP.)

  2. Members stores content permissions as post meta. So, it’ll be in your *_postmeta table. The meta key is _members_access_role. So, you need to only find the post ID and any values for that meta key for deletion.

    It’s worth noting that each post can have multiple values with that same meta key.


    Assuming the meta is actually being deleted correctly, you could have a caching issue.

    The long-term fix though is to figure out the plugin/theme that’s causing the issue and working from there.