Can't seem to download anything

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  1. Hi Justin
    I’ve been a long-time member, back to 2009, but can’t seem to download anything. Is my profile up-to-date?

  2. Justin Tadlock

    Hi, Ben. I took a look at your account. It looks like you have a lifetime support membership. There’s only about 40 or so people with that through some promotion or another over the years. So, you’ll always have support access for any free themes or plugins.

    If you’re looking to download one of my free themes/plugins, they’re almost all up on I’m in the middle of a site redesign at the moment and have some missing download links for those things.

    As for downloading premium (for sale) themes/plugins, this is a new option I’ve added in the last couple of years and is available as part of the premium membership:

  3. D.S. Webster

    Hey Justin,

    I may be having the same issue Ben reported above except that I’m a new member and made my first purchase this morning (Exhale #12296). I was able to log into the site and process payment via PayPal however upon returning to the “Account” page my “Downloads” list is empty.

    Planning on checking back in an hour or so just in case there is a processing delay. Just pinging you here in case it’s something else.