Butterbean repeatable fields

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  1. Hi Justin,

    I am using Butterbean plugin, and I am in need of repeatable / grouped fields, which I see it lacks.

    So I am wondering, do you have a quick solution for me? So I can implement it myself for my needs?


  2. Justin Tadlock

    I don’t think there’s any quick solution to building such a feature.

    Creating a custom control would be a start. However, I’m sure that custom control would want to take advantage of existing controls. So, you’d want something like a `$subtype` property for your class. Then, that subtype would determine the type of control to display and repeat.

  3. Syed

    I see, I saw your thread (reply/comment) on WPChat regarding repeatable fields, so I thought you might already have been working on this.

    No problem.

    Yes that can be one approach, utilizing subtype, but I was thinking more on the upper level.

    I mean, like we register sections and then register controls for sections.

    Similarly, if we could register repeatable areas, and assign controls to them or like that.

    Just think out loud, any suggestions in those lines?