Breadcrumb Trail plugin ver 1.0.0 problem

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  1. Hello Justin,

    After installing today’s Breadcrumb Trail ver 1.0 update my breadcrumbs are now ‘stacked vertically’ instead of horizontally


    . Home logo (the word Home appears for a second and then disappears)
    . 2015
    . July
    . 6
    . Todd and Ann wedding

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  2. Justin Tadlock

    Just deactivate the plugin for now. You’re using the Stargazer theme, which already has it built in.

    There’s going to be a bit of a transitioning period with 1.0.0 and themes that have it built in. It’d be nice if it were possible to update both Stargazer and Breadcrumb Trail on at the same time, but that’s not currently possible.