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  1. On my website, I am using the Members plugin along with The Events Calendar. I have created a new user called “Events Manager” for those subscribers who want to enter and manage their own events. It works great for their own events. Sometimes, however, I need to enter a new event for a subscriber. Unfortunately, I am not able to assign the event to an Events Manager. No other options are available under “Author” except my own admin user id. I have tried various testing but there doesn’t seem to be a role capability that allows this to happen. Please advise.

  2. Justin Tadlock

    Members doesn’t control how capabilities work. It merely provides an interface for assigning them to roles. This means it’s up to the events plugin to determine what happens based on a given capability.

    I’ll download the plugin in the morning and test it. I assume this is it:

    Also, do you mean you created a role named Events Manager?

    Can you tell me which capabilities you’re using?

  3. Sara Dregney

    Yes – that is the correct plugin. And yes – I meant I create a role called Events Manager. Thanks for clarifying.

    Right now, Event Managers can’t do very much. They have read capabilities and can create/edit their own events. When I was testing, however, I did give the role all the capabilities and it didn’t allow for me to assign them an admin created event.

    When searching on google, I found a response on a different role plugin about Wordpress not allowing posts to be assigned to users with level_0 even though that functionality has been deprecated. I can’t find the link now (will keep looking) but I also have no clue how to set the level to something higher than 1.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  4. Justin Tadlock

    I can confirm that this is the author-dropdown bug with user levels. Once I add a user level to a role, any users with the custom role appear in the author-dropdown.

    There are two ways to fix this:

    1) Use the Members: Role Levels add-on plugin:

    2) Contact the authors of The Events Calendar and ask that they implement the following fix into their plugin so that all of their users can benefit:

    The second option would be preferred simply because it’d help more people in the long run.

  5. Sara Dregney

    Thank you! I will do both actually. It will take time to submit the issue to them and I need more immediate correction.

  6. Justin Tadlock

    Let me know how the plugin works. You should be able to simply assign Level 0 or maybe Level 1 to the role.