3 hours from now

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  1. Hello Justin,

    Can you tell me what the topic last post column 3 hours from now is meant for (it counts down I believe to what I don’t know)?

  2. Justin Tadlock

    It should be “X time ago” not “X time from now”. It almost sounds like you have some time/date setting off somewhere. I’ll have to dig into this a bit.

    Is the topic status “Open”? You can view the status on the Topics admin screen.

  3. Marcus Tibesar

    I checked my Settings — General:

    Timezone: New York

    Date Format: July 27, 2015

    Time Format: 6:11pm

  4. Marcus Tibesar

    Yes it seems the times are all way off.

    The replies say 16 minutes ago and 5 seconds from now.

    Actually the replies were a few hours ago – ha!

    I will check with the hosting company and ask them to double-check the server time settings.

  5. Marcus Tibesar

    Hmmm… the tigertech servers are located in Berkeley, California and my WordPress is set for New York.

    Tigertech informed me the server time is correct.

  6. Marcus Tibesar

    I am now wondering if my WordPress time settings should be set for Pacific time?

    I’ll do some research on this.

  7. Marcus Tibesar

    I am using PHP ver 5.5

    Also, FastCGI is turned on.

    Is it possible that Message Board is using the server time instead of the WordPress time?

    Hope this helps!

  8. Marcus Tibesar

    I added this to my .htaccess file to force PHP to use my WordPress timezone:

    <IfModule php5_module>
    php_value date.timezone "America/New_York"

    I checked the forums and now everything is reading “X time ago”

    I will create a new topic and see if the times now make sense.

  9. Marcus Tibesar

    Here are the results from creating a new topic in the forum:

    On the Forums page Last Post states: 4 hours ago (actually about 4 minutes ago)

    On the subordinate Forums – Test Forum page it states: 3 hours from now

    On the Forums – Test Forum – Test time settings page, the topic states: 3 hours from now

  10. Marcus Tibesar

    Obviously changing my .htaccess file didn’t improve things so I’m going to restore it back to its original file

  11. Marcus Tibesar

    I think New York is UTC -4 so perhaps that explains the 4 hours ago

    Perhaps the MB plugin is using UTC (greenwich time)

  12. Marcus Tibesar

    Additionally the 3 hours from now might be the time difference between Wordpress (New York) and the server (California)