Submit Themes

Yes, you are allowed to submit custom themes to the Theme Hybrid theme repository. Anyone can do it. You can be a first-time theme developer or an expert. All themers are welcome. There’s just a few ground rules to cover.

Before getting into this, know that Theme Hybrid is not a theme marketplace. It is a community and a place to get theme, plugin, and WordPress support. All themes will be 100% free. So, if you’re looking to sell themes, this isn’t for you.

Benefits of becoming a theme author

There are several benefits of being a theme author at Theme Hybrid. The following is a breakdown of the current advantages.

  • You get a free lifetime club membership at Theme Hybrid.
  • Your theme gets some extra exposure because it’s on this site.
  • You’ll get a full code review of your theme for any technical issues.
  • You don’t have to worry about all the stress of maintaining a theme site.
  • Your theme gets a dedicated support and documentation section on the site.
  • I’ll personally handle all support questions for the theme, so you won’t have to worry about it. But, I do encourage active participation by theme authors (though it’s not required).

Requirements for Theme Hybrid themes

I’ll try to keep these simple, but the requirements are subject to change over time.

  • All themes must be built on the Hybrid Core framework or be a child theme of a theme available here.
  • All themes should follow the WordPress theme review guidelines.
  • Parent themes must also be submitted to I might make exceptions to this, but I prefer the theme to be hosted on .ORG. You can submit your theme here before it’s approved on the WordPress theme repository.
  • The theme must be 100% compatible with the GPL version 2 (this includes everything, even CSS, images, and JavaScript).
  • Support and documentation for the theme will be handled on You’ll have access to create documentation pages and a support forum will be auto-created.
  • Your theme cannot be an upsell theme. For example, you can’t make one version free and sell a version with more features on your site.
  • Don’t do anything spammy or morally questionable. This can be a bit subjective, but let’s keep it clean. Your theme will be reviewed anyway.
  • Once a theme is submitted and accepted, it will stay on Theme Hybrid indefinitely. The reason for this is because users sign up for support here. If you decided you might want to remove your theme 6 months later and a user had signed up for support because they liked your theme, it wouldn’t be fair to them if your theme was removed.
  • You own the copyright to your theme. It does not pass over to Theme Hybrid.
  • I make all final decisions on whether a theme will be on Theme Hybrid.

How to become a theme author

If you’re interested in becoming a theme author, head over to the contact page and shoot me an email with a link to download your theme ZIP file (or Subversion URL if you’re using it).

From that point, I will do a full review of your first theme, which may take a few days depending on my schedule and the number of themes that are being submitted. Most likely, I’ll send you some notes about issues that need to be fixed.

If and when I decide that your theme is acceptable for release on Theme Hybrid, I will change your account to a “Theme Author” account on this site. This will grant you admin access to create themes (and documentation) in the WordPress admin panel on this site.

Once your first theme is reviewed, you’ll be able to submit any number or themes via the admin rather than email. All themes will be reviewed before they’re published though.

All communication about your theme will be handled privately via email.