1. forgot to add this while submitting feedback:
    in the style.css file, you have spread the sticky post codes in to each categories … if it was a single area of code, under the heading sticky, it would be more easy to code sticky.. right now, if I have to code the sticky post, I need to keep looking for sticky tags all over the css file.

  2. nikolay

    I also competed it last night. Hopefully you’ll address the Avatar issues I reported in the new 0.5.

  3. It’s cool to be able to wish stuff for the release.

    Love the Hybrid theme a lot.
    But people should also remember to use the bugthread, if there are any bugs that is 🙂

  4. I love it. Thank you.
    Are you planning on making theme easier to understand and edit .. for beginners like me ? It would be cool to have a GUI for your hybrid news theme. It’s way way cool, i’m loving it.

  5. ruben — I have no plans to make the theme “easier to understand” as I don’t see it as being hard to understand. And, you should never edit the theme. There are loads of tutorials for Hybrid (currently more than 30), many of which are geared toward beginners.

  6. feature request : ability to display content on homepage in a different manner, other than this normal list …
    may be magazine or newspaper style excerpts blocks ?

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