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  1. testbeta testbeta December 10, 2010 at 6:50 pm |

    well that my favorite theme, simple, elegant, fast and with great functionality thanks Justin, for the theme and child themes and the support to me you two guys are almost the same justin tadlock for hybrid and ian stewart for thematic well ian joined automattic a while back but you are still doing all the work on your own, and i love this thing, while thematic is used {or i might have seen} for a building framework for most sites catswhoblog, catswhocode come to my mind, i haven’t seen or {i don’t remember} hybrid being used but i could never use thematic how hard its acamas child theme tried to lure me i am always with my hybrid, lavathon, hybrid original, hybrid news.
    it a great framework overall and i love it thanks for the theme and the support justin
    good luck, and thanks again

  2. Paul Paul December 10, 2010 at 10:55 pm |

    One quick question Justin,

    For Prototype’s users, they will just replace hybrid-core folder with the new one here, am I correct ?

    Thanks a lot for the update.

    1. Paul Paul December 12, 2010 at 2:58 pm |

      FYI : prototype 0.1.1 is already up in WP.org theme repository

      Prototyp 0.1.1 @ WP.org

  3. dbob dbob December 11, 2010 at 4:55 pm |

    Will Hybrid Theme be updated to the new core version?

  4. Steve Steve December 13, 2010 at 9:20 pm |

    As a complete newbie to WordPress theme design and someone interested in learning about using the Hybrid framework and a child theme to build my site, I admit I’m confused by the two Hybrids. What is the difference between the Hybrid Core and the Hybrid Theme? Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me!

  5. Jauhari Jauhari December 17, 2010 at 1:30 pm |

    I want try it

  6. Joey Joey December 20, 2010 at 6:01 am |

    Awesome! It’s amazing how you have been contributing so much for free to the open source community for free. I guess that’s why we folks just love you! Thanks so much Justin!

    I have been using Outline on an experimental website I set up when Outline came out. I have ever since been wanting to make a few changes here and there but didn’t want to make those changes in the theme because I’m a Java developer and new to PHP so I didn’t want to break anything. But you’ve just encouraged me to go and learn PHP with this new core stuff.

    I have a question though. I am planning on creating a website full of tutorials (lots of pages and subpages). For every tutorial, there will probably be related tutorials etc. I am not planning on filling the site with ads or unrelated stuff.. it’s going to be clean with no or near zero ads, follow icons, newsletter and “popular tutorials” on the right and a few other minor things. Which theme from the Hybrid family would you recommend for me to start out with for this website?

    1. Joey Joey December 20, 2010 at 6:03 am |

      Oh, and one that allows me to have 2 levels of menus…

  7. Raise Raise February 21, 2011 at 12:42 pm |

    I tried to download the core files but the download link seems to be not working.

  8. Mike McKoy Mike McKoy March 27, 2011 at 12:33 pm |

    Hey justin… i’m confused.

    What is the difference between the Hybrid core 1.01 and Hybrid .09?

    I have hybrid .09 installed. Do I need to install the hybrid core?

    1. Mike McKoy Mike McKoy March 27, 2011 at 12:35 pm |

      nevermind… i see it :)

  9. Michelle Michelle March 29, 2011 at 12:09 pm |

    I’ve just uploaded hybrid for a client/friend. This is what I get: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_theme_support() in /home2/wheretog/public_html/hugsandlaughter/wp-content/themes/hybrid/library/functions/sidebars.php on line 25

    I can’t even get back to my admin page to remove it. HELP.

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