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Topics Posts
Gravatars 7
Widget weirdness in category and archive 9
Full posts needs Previous and Next links 11
Newbie with OPTIONS 4
upgrading error 2
Help with widgets 4
more than 5 posts on excerpts? 2
Navigation + Description + header image 13
Exclude post from excerpts 19
Get The Image will not get image 26
Problem with Video Thumbnails 4
How to remove the field About the Author? 5
Sidebar Troubles 2
Translate options theme 5
Recent Widget shows code when using Gallery in Posts 4
Upgrade from 1.1a, Feature Gallery has no photos 7
getting more than 3 features in feature gallery. 14
Protecting OPTIONS for upgrades 5
Auto thumb/feature img OFF 3
Is this the smartest way to widget? 4
Header Image Appears Twice 4
Uploading images just got a whole lot easier 37
Custom Posts.. 6
Set the post thumbnails in post tabs in home page 2
Feature/excerpt style on updated Structure 4
Options Header Image cut in IE7 12
Stupid problem with the css (IE6) 9
Help with Header section 1
Php conditionals question 7
One unconfortable thing, I think is css fault 11