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Topics Posts
Showcase 2
Top three Plugins? 12
Header, Header, Header 9
Some questions about options slideshow and blocks 7
Remove About the Author 3
How to add a favicon? 9
Group the sidebar stuff? 3
HELP - Excerpt and Gallery 3
Tagged excerpts in specific pages, widget links, Wordpress gallery customization 6
No video anywhere 5
2 issues - .next link and .post-title centering 6
IE Errors 5
left margin or padding in main navigation 5
Archive Page 2
Adsense and Structure Theme 3
Feature Gallery doesn't play nice with Lijit 2
Visionary Settings page is missing 3
Removing comments from single page 8
I am desperate, please help 3
widgets for blog template 6
Languages not working? 10
help with color change in theme 2
Tweaking Features Gallery Excerpt Text 6
The search form? 8
Update Options theme to latest version (1.3) 3
How to get Post Sections automaticly sorted by date of section with newest post? 5
single pages not showing properly on IE6 1
Changing user name on forum 4
Strange code transformations... 4
Wider Version OF Options?? 2