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Topics Posts
2 backgrounds on widget h3 (css) 8
Show off your Visionary site! 34
Show off your Structure site! 73
Show off your Options site! 330
index.html file not found 2
Magazine Cover on Magazine Style Blog 4
Problem With Feed. 4
Options and a 3 column page 32
Plugin gets the first image uploaded - not the custom field image 4
The Hybrid WordPress theme is out! 14
Thumbnail problem 8
Good & Evil 2
Install problems 4
Child customization minor issue 3
Video Problem 2
[Bug] structure theme with recent 2
Visionary under Explorer and under Firefox/Opera 10
Home Page Section of Options Theme / Shadow Not Displaying 3
Showing three posts in the post-block-tabs section. 2
Spanish traslation for Options 1.3 2
How to upgrade the Home Sections? 3
Favicon for ThemeHybrid 1
Post List Tabs 5
Count widgets in secondary 7
Features Gallery Modification 8
Adding Calendar to Sidebar Tabs Widget and highlighting a date 8
Making website password protected 2
Hybrid theme beta release! 67
"Options Theme..." - how to remove this bit? 4
Exclusive membership problem 2