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Topics Posts
The Old School child theme is almost here 13
Feature article stream? 8
flickr RSS plugin doesn't work 3
Biography page Template not in the list of widgets 3
Send Justin a Christmas Gift 7
Please give me feadback on my site 2
What software do you use? 6
Features Gallery Question 2
feedburner from browser menu bar icon? 2
Struggle with linked header 2
Using similar widgets on different sidebars 6
Table not showing correctly and No Sidebar template is not working correctly. 18
Header Ad, and Adding 'Above Post' Insert Help 3
How to modify your theme the RIGHT way 104
Translation (Options theme) 81
Possible 30 minutes of downtime tonight 1
Adding Section to only first post on Homepage 3
Visual and HTML disappeared 18
Can't find <head> tag 5
Change Menu to list of links 7
custom page templates + no-widgets 10
Sure I will sign up for $25- But I’m a little confused 18
Categories display in Options Settings 2
Hybrid version 0.3.2 is out 6
feature gallery has stopped working 8
feedflare and the templates 2
Spruce up your categories 11
Options theme: Version 1.3.1 3
Functions.php and parent theme files overwrite. 7
Utilitiy inserts (widget sections) 5