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WP JavaScript 11 56
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Javascript/Iframe Not Working 4
Hide Category ID from Everything Except where specified 3
Default Sidebar 2
failed to open stream: A connection attempt failed (saving Pages widget) 3
Customized author.php page also with custom URL, having pagination 404 problems 7
include a plugin in theme 5
Show Featured Posts in Archive Above Other Posts 4
CanĀ“t add picture to post/page 7
Front-end comment function help 12
Choose categories and taxonomies on Front-end form. 5
get_categories won't order categories correctly 2
others private posts in custom query 5
Edit Author Slug 3
Stop plugin loading 'non-enqueued' scripts and styles in header 9
Two different behaviour in two different category's pages 5
author permalinks 8
Importing plugin stylesheet to my Child theme style.css 10
Lost posts after taxonomy name change 5
Front-end delete link 4
Permalinks Costum Structure 4
need to add a current-item class to my yearly archives in the sidebar 9
Adding current class to sub pages. 8
keeping a post at top of it's category for a span of time 7
Incorrect number of pages showing in pagination 19
Custom Post Types and Post-Tags 5
Load a Static Page with custom template 4
After I publish a draft post by a contributer, I become the author. 4
Minimize Admin Menu by Default 3
WP admin bar tutorial ideas 9
what slideshow? 7